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    Provide quality equipment for users

    We are a focus on China's high-end manufacturing and provide intelligent integrated services to create new value of the specialized enterprises. The company has always thought that customers around the world sophisticated machinery and equipment, advanced technology and provide quality pre-sales and after-sales service as its mission, to become the most professional in mainland China, one of the highest quality agents! Brand: Japan Gao Song (turning processing automation), Maichi (efficient drilling and milling center), Yuanzhou (milling processing center automation), product range, including mechanical processing equipment, precision measuring instruments, machine tools peripheral precision cutting tools and accessories....[ Learn More ]

    Product Display

    Gevelt machinery mainly operates Japan Takamatsu, Maichi, Yuanzhou and other brands, according to the customer's different products customized the most suitable for the user's flexible production line, combined with the characteristics of operating brand machine tools, workpiece material, production capacity and other characteristics to provide customers with stable and efficient production line program , To achieve unmanned goals and work!

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    Our Advantages


    Technology Strength--
    Senior R & D design team

    Relying on Japan Takamatsu 40 years automation experience, can provide the stable and reliable automatic production line for you.

    The level of world leading technology, good performance in high precision, high stability and high efficiency, 60~70% CNC lathe used in automobile manufacturing industry high-end auto parts production!


    Brand Advantage--
    50 years experience in equipment manufacturing

    The operation of the brand Takamatsu maichuang, UGINT are higher in the manufacturing level of machine tool industry, machine performance has been well received by the test of the market. Japan Takamatsu XW double spindle CNC lathe won the outstanding product award and the Japan Society of Mechanical Machinery Industry Federation of Japan such machine president Award; one of the UGINT high speed vertical machining products, leader tapping the drilling center field. For 5 consecutive years in the market sales champion China models!


    level of expertise--
    60 years of professional experience in manufacturing lathe

    Relying on Japanese suppliers focus on automation and Takamatsu CNC lathe CNC lathe in the spring collet, key connection parts are made of scraping technology, scientific and reasonable arrangement, compact structure, small occupied area, long service life (15 to 20 years without overhaul, normal use) high stability with high efficiency and high automation production at the same time, Takamatsu building the global sales and service network to ensure that the interests of customers!


    Service Strength--
    High quality pre-sale and after-sale service

    In order to better serve customers, Best technology enterprise technical personnel transportation every year regularly to Takamatsu Japan customer service Service Department of the exchange of learning! Customers on a regular basis machine used for a return visit, and make the appropriate maintenance skills training for customers operating personnel.

    Service Purposes

    We uphold the fast, effective, customer-first spirit. Planning for the whole, at all times for each customer to provide the best quality service;

    With the requirements of customers, to provide a comprehensive solution, and give good after - sales service;

    Continuous innovation, continuous progress, the most new industrial technology information, the most effective way to pass to every customer.

    To create an internationally competitive supplier of machine equipment!

    Safe, professional, efficient, Best technology to serve you!

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